Airosa Design
ARARA Fannypack

ARARA Fannypack

40 EUR

This handmade fannypack is made from soft vegan leather with cotton lining.  It has a pocket inside and closes up with a zipper. The strap has 3 stud buttons so you can adjust it to your own size. It is larger than normal because we always wanted a fannypack that actually fits all the essentials. Ideal for a night out!

Colour: White / Navy blue lining

Dimensions: 34cmx 21cm / Waist line : 82 – 90 cm

Weight: approx. 200g

Care instructions: Take good care of your Airosa, hand wash with a humid cloth. You can add a bit of detergent if it’s too dirty, scrub gently. Don’t machine wash and don’t iron it.